COVID-19 surge devastates rural India

By June 4, 2021

India (MNN) — Nobody knows exactly how many in India are dying from COVID-19. The country reports thousands of deaths per day. Indian journalists say most deaths have gone unreported, especially in rural areas.

People keep finding bodies washing up in the Ganges River as the virus pummels rural areas. Shrouding bodies and immersing them in the water is a custom for many villages, especially when firewood for cremation isn’t readily available.

Bible translators

This crisis has affected Bible translators working with Wycliffe Associates as well. Tim Neu says, “One of my friends wrote in and described how it’s like a heavy, low hanging cloud. And this is what he wrote in his note to us. ‘I’ve lost close friends and family. My 24-year-old son is currently in the hospital with complications from COVID.’ So these are the types of things we’re seeing. And it is actually causing Bible translation to be put on pause.”

Neu encourages listeners to pray for the Christians suffering right now. “They have very limited access to the medical supplies and even care at the hospitals right now. So pray that they would be able to weather this intense storm, this health crisis that they’re facing. Pray that they would have not just the faith, but that their bodies would actually be able to fight and survive.”

Get involved

You can also send help to these Christians. Wycliffe Associates has a special fund for emergencies like this, and they have already been sending resources to partners in India. You can donate here.



The header photo shows the sun setting over the Ganges river. (Photo courtesy of Makalu from Pixabay)

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