COVID-19 surges in Nicaragua

By September 23, 2021

Nicaragua (MNN) — In the Central American country of Nicaragua, COVID-19 continues running rampant through the population. People have to wait in line for oxygen, and the country never took any measures to stop the spread.

The government denies any COVID-19 outbreaks, but independent doctors see countless people sick and thousands of deaths. The Catholic Church has also reported the deaths of several priests from COVID-19. Most people in Nicaragua know someone who has been sick. The vaccinations process has only recently picked up, as the government hopes to vaccinate 32% of the population by October.

Discipleship conference

Sammy Tippit recently held an online conference to encourage Nicaraguan Christians. “It was just a tremendous blessing. The pastors were really excited. In fact, what they want to do is start discipleship and leadership training, online through Zoom with the pastors in the country.”

But not everyone in Nicaragua has good internet access. That’s where Sammy Tippit Ministries’ new app comes into play. Tippit says, “What we’re doing is we’re going to be putting the whole conference on the app, so that they can take those videos and show to their whole churches for the ones who were not able to access it online. We’re trying to build something that would help them during this time of the pandemic.”

Tippit says he wants to expand this work in Nicaragua. “After the end of the year, we’re hoping to open it up to the rest of Latin America and train Spanish-speaking pastors and leaders in this whole area of discipleship and evangelism.”

The app is now available in Spanish. Search for the Sammy Tippit Discipleship App at Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Ask God to strengthen the Nicaraguan Church.



Header photo courtesy of Kaufdex from Pixabay.

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