COVID-19 relief opened Gospel doors with families in India

By March 10, 2021

India (MNN) — Indian families who would never set foot in a church have been sending their kids to 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs with Mission India! The question is, why?

One thing Mission India noticed is that some of these families are the same ones they gave COVID-19 relief kits to last year.

Erik* with Mission India says, “We gave families a relief kit that included enough food and hygiene items for four weeks. And that really allowed us to open doors for other ministry to take place. So people who we previously couldn’t reach with the Gospel, we were reaching.

“Now we have these opportunities, if you will, to walk through these open doors that relief kits provided us to engage through Children’s Bible Clubs.”

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

From now until April 30th, Mission India is running their Open Doors Matching Challenge. Every dollar given to their 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs will be matched by a generous donor up to $300,000.

It only costs $1 to send one kid in India to a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club.

So if the Open Doors Matching Challenge is fulfilled, half a million Indian children will get to hear about God’s love for them this year.

“It’s not to meet the financial goal,” Erik says. “It’s that the financial goal — if it’s met — means so much more ministry can take place. Those ministry numbers have names, they have stories, and they’re important to God. We’re so excited to hopefully reach that goal so we can enable so many more children to hear about the Good News.”

To donate to Mission India’s Open Doors Matching Challenge, click here!

Erik also ultimately asks for fellow believers to be “praying over the children of India, that they would start to understand the love of Jesus through these Children’s Bible Clubs.”





Header photo courtesy of Mission India.


*Names changed for security purposes.