Creativity will be key to 2021 ministry in China

By January 6, 2021

China (MNN) — News coming out of China these days can generally be put into two boxes – political power struggles or COVID-19. Sometimes it’s one and the same.

Kurt Rovenstine, President of Bibles for China, says their ministry is discussing how to navigate China’s turbulent pandemic waters in the New Year while keeping their Bible distributions afloat.

“What does ministry look like after [the pandemic] is over?… When is it over? What determines that? So there is a lot of question as to what do we do next. What is God really moving us to? What is the new normal? [It’s] a term I’ve come to hate because nobody knows what normal is.”

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Whether it’s downsizing (while maintaining ministry scope) or relying more on national partners, Bibles for China is getting creative so that Scripture distributions don’t stop.

“The doors for us have remained open,” Rovenstine says. “We have been a part of supplying, distributing, and/or funding Bibles at the same level that we have in years past. We are in a position to do the same thing [this] year in terms of requests from our partners in China. But it’s been a very different process.

“We’re praying that God opens some new doors because when things like this pandemic and politics and strife and dissension take place around the world or in our backyard, there’s always an opportunity for something to change, something new to happen. So we sense that may be part of what’s happening with our particular ministry.”

Bibles for China has always operated within the bounds of legal requirements in China. They are praying that 2021 sees the opportunity for more doors to be opened to the Gospel.

Rovenstine says they are greatly encouraged by the faithfulness of our Chinese Christian brothers and sisters.

“Our partners there are cautious, but they feel a call of God on their life to do what they do and they’re not backing down. They are willing to take some risks to continue to move forward for the sake of advancing the Kingdom.”

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

There are a few things you can do. First, pray for the Chinese Church to continue expanding and grow in their love for God and His Word. Ask the Lord to stir spiritual revival in China.

Then, Rovenstine suggests, “Go and read what it is like to be a Christian in China and in other nations where the freedoms that we have are just not there and the challenges are very different.”

Finally, you can financially support Bibles for China and their Scripture distributions in the New Year. Just click here to support Bibles for China!



Header photo courtesy of Bibles for China.

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