Crescent project brings hope to abused and lonely women

By April 20, 2009

USA (MNN) — A lonely woman, abused by her husband and without any way to defend herself against his physical and mental abuse. It's the picture of the life of so many Muslim women. But in America?

Muslim women have fewer rights than men in their religion. Two girls were shot in Texas last year by their father for not wearing their hajib headpieces. Another woman was set on fire. Muslim women are simply unaware that this cannot happen in America, and many Americans don't speak out about the abuse because they assume it's just part of Muslim culture.

"Sometimes Muslim women have social issues and family issues, but they don't know that in America there is a law that protects them," says Fouad Masri, president and CEO of Crescent Project. "So what happens is they are stuck, and no one is there to tell the man that, no, that cannot happen."

Above all, Muslim women remain completely isolated and alone. American Christian volunteers with Crescent Project respond by befriending Muslim women and teaching them English through "English as a Second Language" programs. Once the women learn English, they can at least shop for their families and get around easier.

Masri says that many volunteer groups introduce Muslim women to American culture, taking them to museums, parks and places to take their children. If nothing else, they welcome them to the country, getting to know them and being available to counsel them and help them understand their rights.

Crescent Project says that as believers, "our job is not to make the Muslim a Christian. Rather, our job is to show them [Muslims] the
love of Christ.”

"Even [with] the little things — not the major things, just the little things — we can show the love of Christ and welcome them and be the hands and feet of Jesus," says Masri. "Then the Lord can use that to minister to these women."

These little things also include a large amount of prayer. Crescent Project has dedicated the entire month of May to prayer and petition for Muslim women in America, and they would like to get as many people involved as possible. If you would like to participate through prayer or with a local chapter of Crescent Project near you, click here to contact Crescent Project.

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