CRI sends its next Great Crate to Ethiopia

By January 21, 2009

Ethiopia (MNN) — A large shipment of gently-used Bibles and Christian books will be sent out soon, made up completely of donations from Christians like you. These materials are scheduled to be sent to Ethiopia.

"We hope that by the end of this month, we'll have a Great Crate shipment into Ethiopia, or heading there," says Fred Palmerton of Christian Resources International. "We are still trying to get all of the puzzle pieces in place."

CRI is finalizing logistics, such as when to ship the crate and where it will be received. The shipment is being sent to a pastor who previously worked with CRI, but never with the hope of so many materials.

"He's a national pastor from Ethiopia, and he's visited our location here and selected our materials in the past," says Palmerton. "He's so excited to get a larger-than-normal shipment of literature."

In the past, Great Crate shipments have been used for overseas libraries and other ministry opportunities. This pastor will be using his shipment both for street evangelism and in his church. Palmerton says that with previously-received materials, the pastor had a great deal of success on the underground.

"We need to pray for this man that his ministry will multiply, that he can reach as many souls as possible with this material, and that he can excite some of the new Christians into becoming pastors and train them up."

Those who have donated their Bibles and old materials to CRI are now indirectly evangelizing to a lost people. If you would like to participate in similar exciting ministry opportunities, click here .

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