CRI sends thousands of dollars’ worth of Bibles and books to Hong Kong

By July 20, 2016

China (MNN) — Around the world, millions of Christians are desperate to grow in their faith, but many lack access to God’s Word.

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International via Facebook)

That’s why Christian Resources International recently shipped a container to Hong Kong full of about $500,000 worth of Bibles, seminary materials, and other Christian books to be distributed for free.

“China has to play nice, because the eyes of the world are on it,” CRI Executive Director Jason Woolford says. “So we can actually send containers filled with Bibles there, and we can get them released, which is absolutely wonderful.

“Now, through different conduits, we actually get some of those materials into mainland China, which is so exciting, and we’ve heard the stories of people sharing a page of a Bible, or not having a Bible or a Christian book, so we’re seeing a big impact there.”

This impact is largely due to the work of a CRI missionary who is spreading the Gospel by distributing Bibles and Christian books on the streets to anyone who wants them.

“He’ll simply set up a keyboard right downtown and lineup Bibles and Christian books three feet tall and about 50 yards long. Then he just plays his organ, plays worship music as people come and take these Bibles and Christian books.” Woolford says.

“The impact has been so profound, because we’ve been doing this for the last three years, that even the Devil, who’s unfortunately perverting Scripture and using Muslims and the Quaran and all of those things, they’ve seen the impact that it’s having. And a few times they have set up across the street from us with maybe a few books trying to outdo us or outdo God.

“If you’re getting the attention of Satan and his demons and those who are either possessed or oppressed by demons, then you must be doing something powerful.”

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

That’s not the only way CRI is making a difference. Through its women’s ministry, it is helping those who are often treated poorly to recognize their true value.

“One of the biggest things is women who are not treated very well there were excited that we have a big women’s ministry there…. These women are getting God’s Word, they’re reading their worth through the eyes of our Lord and Savior and our Father and the Holy Spirit, and they’re just on fire for the Lord,” Woolford says.

CRI is making a great difference around the world, but it needs your help to keep going.

Woolford asks that you consider donating your extra Bibles and Christian books! Or consider contributing toward the $10,000 necessary to send a container. You can learn more by clicking here.


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