CRI to deliver tens of thousands of materials, preach the Good News in Ghana

By October 24, 2011

Ghana (MNN) — Christian Resources International has sent Christian books and Bibles to nations all over the world. Massive crates and containers filled with literature have been shipped to the Philippines, Congo, India, and more.

This time, though, CRI is hand-delivering.

CRI has shipped several times to Ghana, but for the first time, a team will be going to personally deliver the contents of this next container to the nation.

"We're donating $355,000 worth of free Bibles and Christian teaching tools to a Bible college there. Some of those resources will also be used for evangelistic training," explains CRI executive director Jason Woolford.

Over 30,000 Bibles and Christian teaching tools will be delivered to the college. The container includes commentaries, study Bibles, Bible handbooks, and all necessary training tools to train up strong, well-equipped leaders of the church.

The blessings to the nation won't stop there, though. After that delivery, says Woolford, "We are going to be holding a three-day, consecutive, open-air [evangelistic outreach event]."

The timing of the crusade could not be better. Woolford says that same week is a celebration in honor of the region's chief. Thousands will be visiting the area for the occasion, which means thousands will hear the Truth of the Gospel from the outreach event.

The CRI team will only be in Ghana a little more than a week, but follow-up will exist in the form of Bible college-goers, who will then all be equipped with new materials to disciple those who have come to Christ.

In general, Ghana is a fairly Christianized nation, but when asked, "Why Ghana," Woolford pointed out that despite a strong Christian presence, 20% of the nation still claims Islam as their faith.

Woolford also adds, "There's 25 million people in Ghana, and the life expectancy is 59 years old for the men. A lot of people [in the U.S.] give their lives later on in life to the Lord, and our window of opportunity is much shorter in Africa."

The CRI team leaves for the Ghana trip in just a couple of weeks. They will be there from November 14 to 24. They have already sent the container on ahead of them, but in part "on faith," says Woolford. Church and individual partnerships are most welcome to help support the funding of the container–a $10,000 shipping expense–and trip costs. Support CRI at

Prayer for the trip is also vital. Pray for safety for the team as they go by plane, bus, and on foot to various locations across the nation. Pray for the outreach event to be an effective tool to reach more in Ghana with the message of Jesus Christ.

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