The crisis in Ukraine is driving people to Christ

By March 6, 2014

The radio program “Faith, Hope, and Love” draws listeners from Ukraine, Russia, and other countries
in the former Soviet Union.
(Image, caption courtesy Christian Aid)

Ukraine (MNN) — Ukraine is a powder keg ready to explode. Russia is keeping a tight grip on Crimea, and pro-Russia protests are spreading throughout Ukraine’s eastern and southern cities.

But there’s good news: the crisis in Ukraine is driving people to Christ.

“During this difficult time, my radio program [is] going on, don’t stop. And people are very, very hungry, especially now,” says Slavik Radchuk, a Ukrainian missionary supported by Christian Aid Mission, your link to indigenous missions.

“People [are] still coming to Christ like never before, [in] all churches.”

Listen to the interview here.

Christian Aid supports a total of six ministries in Ukraine. Their leaders are telling Radchuk that people are desperate for hope.

“From Crimea, we have reports that former Muslims or Muslims are coming to our churches and saying, ‘Can we pray together to God?'” says Radchuk. They don’t want to die without hope, he adds.

“This is a very difficult time for us, and all people stay together now and pray to God for peace.”

Over the weekend, thousands of people gathered at a Christian Aid-supported church in Crimea and prayed through Monday morning.

“[Missionaries said attendance was] 1806 in one church, but over 2,000 people came and stayed,” Radchuk shares.

“All night they prayed because it was a very difficult time in Crimea.”

Slavik Radchuk, Ukrainian evangelist and area director for the former Soviet Union at Christian Aid Mission, delivers a message for his Christian radio broadcast. Now through 1,000 towers, his radio programs are transmitted from Kiev to an area encompassing 100 million people in Ukraine, Moldova, Belorussia, western Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and many other countries. (Image, caption courtesy Christian Aid)

Slavik Radchuk, Ukrainian evangelist and area director for the former Soviet Union at Christian Aid Mission, delivers a message for his Christian radio broadcast.
(Image, caption courtesy Christian Aid)

A voice of hope
Despite ongoing protests and the tension that’s enveloping Ukraine, Radchuk’s radio program is still on the air. Three times a week, families hear about hope and peace that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

“My message is simple,” Radchuk recently told Christian Aid. “I don’t promote a certain church or denomination. I preach the message of salvation, deliverance, of healing broken hearts and families. I just invite people to read the Bible and follow Jesus.”

Read the remarkable story of how Radchuk started his radio ministry.

Today, Radchuk’s radio ministry has a reach of 100 million people in Ukraine, Moldova, Belorussia, western Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and others. Many listeners send thank-you letters to Radchuk, and others request copies of his messages on CD so they can pass it along to their family and friends.

“Our neighbors come over to our house when your programs are on the air because they do not have a radio at their house,” writes a listener from Kbmelnitskiy. “After your programs, we pray together.”

Prayer needed
Radchuk says literally thousands of Ukrainians are gathering together to pray for their nation. Will you join them?

“Pray for protection, because war can start any day,” he urges.

“We don’t want to have a fight with our Russian brothers, and we want to have peace. Please pray for peace in Ukraine.”

The European Union is meeting today to discuss the implementation of sanctions on Russia for their involvement in Ukraine’s crisis. Pray that their decision will not invoke further violence.

The radio ministry has received thousands of letters from faithful listeners. (Image, caption courtesy Christian Aid)

The radio ministry has received thousands
of letters from faithful listeners.
(Image, caption courtesy Christian Aid)

“[I want] to give a big thanks for all Christian people around the world who pray and intercede for our nation in this very, very critical time,” says Radchuk.

2014 marks Christian Aid’s 20th year of support for Radchuk’s ministry. Along with his radio broadcasts, Radchuk shares the Good News through television programming in more than 135 nations.

See how you can support indigenous missionaries like Slavik Radchuk through Christian Aid.


  • Levi says:

    Praise God, I’ll be praying for more.

  • Pat says:

    Our God is mighty and awesome! Nothing can happen without His allowing it for His Divine Purposes! May He comfort, strengthen and encourage His own and work through them to save many! To His praise and glory!

  • As a disciple of Jesus who has spent years in the “former Soviet Union” I am very interested in what God is doing in Ukraine and would like
    to help the dear people of Ukraine. Most of our mission has been in Irkutsk and Ulan Ode. Recently, however our hearts have been stirred with the revelation of the great need for medical attention for the children of Ukraine. Perhaps it even includes the needs of orphans.
    Please alert me re: what you see as primary needs for the children
    and babies. Dr. Dmitri Shestakov is a very close friend of mine.Dr.
    Suhanov, Surgeon is also a good friend of mine. We provided
    1.5 million for his “open heart program” in Perm. Hope this reaches you as soon as possible.
    Sincerely, Don Hawkinson

  • Our 19 trips to the “former Soviet Union” has been a wonderful
    experience. I love our dear friends in Ulan Ode, Irkutsk and Perm.l
    We realize the children of Ulan Ode have great needs. I am
    the president of orphans I live near Chicago. Please
    alert me to the needs of the children of Ulan Ode. We miss
    you so much. Here are websites;

  • Mercy Medical Mission has been involved in medical relief to
    Russia. We anticipate the medical needs in Ukraine will be
    substantial. Our hub will be in the Seattle area. I’m a graduate
    of Seattle Pacific University. My wife is a graduate of Swedish
    Covenant Hospital. We seek information on the medical
    needs re: the orphans and children of Ukraine. Our relationship
    with Perm Medical Academy and Irkutsk/Perm should introduce you.
    We are also graduates of the “University of the Nations.”
    We worked with Ulan Ode as well.

  • We believe this is God’s Day for the people of “the Ukraine” We
    are a part of “the University of the Nations” in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.We have “hubs” centers around the world. We have seen so many
    young people put their faith in Jesus Christ, it is wonderful. At this
    point, it seems that God has put “Ulan Ode” on our hearts.
    Need some help. We need to know more about the “spiritual
    condition of the Christian students in Perm, Ulan Ode, Irkutsk,
    medical needs of the orphanages. I would very much like
    to hear from you.
    Don Hawkinson
    President, Mercy Medical Mission


  • To: my dear Professor Suhanov. Greetings from Chicago.
    I hope this email finds you well and encouraged. I hav e
    missed you and am anxious to hear how you are. I’m
    very proud of you and the way you have served the people
    of Perm. I am anxious you again. Our loving God cares so
    much about people you provide surgery for and we look
    forward to finding new ways to serve the wonderful people
    of Irkutsk. I’m wondering if Alex Sander might be able
    to provide translation between us? Let’s see if this is possible.
    Here are a few websites;
    kingdomseeker, org

    May our Lord be with you.
    Don and Ruthie Hawkinson

  • Update:
    Just checking in with you. We continue to educate ourselves
    re: the medical needs of the children and babies of Ukraine.
    As you know, Ulan Ode, Irkutsk, Perm, Kiev, are just a few of
    the potential partners we need to discover re: their willingness
    or desire to work together. There are about 143 million orphans
    in the world. Christians in America have a special concern
    to partner with those we already know. For medical reasons,
    many families in America find themselves unable to have children.
    Ruthie and Don Hawkinson are in that situation. We decided
    to adoption children in Russia. It has been a wonderful experience
    to bring children to America and placed in Christian homes.
    throughout the country. His blessings, our best.

  • Greetings from Washington State.
    To: Professor Suhanov and Dr. Sergei
    It has been such along time since we have been together and
    each day I think about the friendship God has given us. Being
    away from each other is difficult. I think of the wonderful
    care you are to to the people of Perm and I thank
    God for the love you give to those in need. Hopefully, we
    will have a chance to be together. Please have Dr. Alex
    Sander get in touch with me. Perhaps he could be our link.
    Your friend, Don Hawkinson

  • Open heart program in Perm. My research brings me to a
    proposal. The medical technology you need is to be found
    at the “Mayo Clinic Hospitals.” They have many locations
    and we need to seek a relationship with them. Start with
    Novosibirsk and branch out to other locations. Dr. Suhanov
    is the key surgeon and our friend. The goal is to bring surgeons
    from the University of Washington to perform medical
    procedures for children. (cleft lip and pallet and other medical

  • Please check out Novosibirsk. I think it might be a center. We
    need to have a relationship with the “Mayo Clinic.” If this
    could happen, it could change so much in Russia. We must not
    lose focus on personalities. It’s people that mantter. My family
    is as from Norway. What brings us together is our love for
    Christ and His Kingdom.We long to bring healing to Russia
    and Ukraine. Best regards to Mr. Putin.
    From: Don Hawkinson,

  • My dear friends in Perm. How I have missed you. I want to
    do all I can to help us develop good communications. I live
    near Chicago. My phone is 480 392 0677. We need to discover
    how we can have good communications between Perm and . t
    the United States. I am anxious to serve you. Please contact
    Dr. Alexei Sander. He can help us with communications. I will
    try to establish communications between Perm and Chicago.
    I’ll call the Russian Embassy in America and alert them to
    our partnerships over the years. Your brother in Christ, Don

  • Please contact us re: your ministry.
    Don Hawkinson

  • Missing you. Get in touch if you can. Anxious to know how things
    are going in in Russia’s children. Missing you.

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