Critical shortage of Bibles for distribution ministry.

By February 21, 2007

International (MNN) — Christian Resources International's
current supply of Bibles is at an all-time low. They just sent a Great Crate to
but the resource shipment was 20 boxes short, and there's only a few Bibles
left on the shelves. 

To demonstrate the need, CRI typically sends between two to
four Great Crates a year.  Each one is
15,000 books. 

enough to bring the word of God to thousands and thousands of families. These
resources are distributed to help pastors and new seminary graduates in
ministry.  CRI welcomes used Christian
books, Bibles, and other materials.

There are
many pastors who are struggling to tend their flocks, in the absence of
resources, with little or no written material to aid. CRI can send a collection
of the most desperately-needed theological resources (commentaries, study
Bibles, and reference works) to a pastor on CRI's waiting list.

indicates that the average American Christian owns nine Bibles and is actively
in the market for more.  At CRI, they get
more than 250 letters a month from pastors and Christian workers in developing
countries whose churches own no Bibles or Christian books.

Every day,
more than 122,000 people become Christian, and most of those people are in
Africa, Asia, and South America. They're
attending churches where even the pastors have no Bibles.

CRI launched
Operation Bare Your Bookshelf , a project to make it easy for American
Christians to send their Bibles and other Christian books overseas.  They need Bibles, concordances and commentaries,
Christian reference books, Systematic and practical theology books, and Bible
Study materials.

However, CRI
is asking people NOT to send the following: 
Christian magazines, Sunday School materials, denominational-specific
materials, books in poor shape, or Christian fiction.

Lastly, once
the resources are collected, there's still the matter of shipping them to the
recipient seminary.  It costs CRI
approximately $7,500 to ship a Great Crate, and funding is critical.

If you can help with Bibles, books or bucks, click here.


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