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Published on 27 October, 2015

Crossroad Bible Institute expands prison ministry

(Photo courtesy of CBI)

(Photo courtesy of CBI)

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — Crossroad Bible Institute works internationally to bring the Gospel to prison inmates. CBI disciples incarcerated men and women through Bible studies specifically designed to grow the inmates in Christ and to help prepare them for reentry into society.

For the past three years, CBI has been working in five prisons in Papua New Guinea, and the program’s impact has not gone unnoticed.

“The prisoners are more content and peaceful,” said the director of CBI Australia, Anne Bruinsma. “This is also rubbing off on the non-students,” regarding the effects of the Bible lessons. Now the government of PNG wants more of it and has invited CBI to start working in all of its prisons.

Photo by Crossroad Bible Institute

(Photo by CBI)

Expansion, however, will require more funds. Thankfully God is working and providing. He’s done so through Mission Interlink, a global mission organization which holds a convention every year. It’s there where hundreds of ministry organizations present proposals for a financial award.

However, only one organization receives an award, and this year it was CBI. Now with the funds in hand, the prison ministry can bring the light of Christ into two more PNG prisons in 2016.

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One response to “Crossroad Bible Institute expands prison ministry”

  1. Rebecca says:

    I just stumbles across your ministry. I do county jail ministry in Alabama, I will be sure to give your address to the women who will be leaving to go to Prison here in Alabama. Also, I would like to know if you have ministry in the Philippines? We have missionary friends there who work with Wycliffe Translators. Sometimes she has opportunity to go to the Women’s Prison and I would love to give her infor she would need to connect them to your Studies if they are available there. Thank you for your time and the work that you do.

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