Crossroads introduces new radio broadcast

By March 24, 2009

USA (MNN) — "I found myself reaching out to others in Jesus' Name just like you reached out to me. There's a ripple effect going on here, and it's beautiful. I learned that I can't keep something so great to myself."

These are words from a letter written from a student to an instructor at Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI). This letter, along with several others, was read on a recent CBI broadcast featuring letters from prison inmates who are being transformed by the ministry through Christ.

This web broadcast is not new to CBI, but it has recently undergone some significant changes. "We need to have a format that helps us stand out, just as the content helps us stand out," explains web radio host, Dr. David Schuringa. "So this year we've begun a new series of weekly 15-minute broadcasts on the 'Crossroad Connection.' It's sort of like a variety program."

This program now includes interviews with important people, book reviews and, of course, letters from prisoners, depending on the week. CBI hopes this program will not only raise awareness about restorative justice (a process which includes providing prisoners with a smooth transition for re-entry into society), but will also inspire people help those who are in need. "We want to inspire; we want to inform; we want to encourage people to be aware of the issues," says Schuringa.

More than anything, the broadcast's aim is to get people involved. "[We want people to] be engaged, so they can become volunteers in various organizations that are helping needy people," says Schuringa. CBI is of course interested in creating more volunteers to help with prisoners and their families, but they encourage believers to help people in any way, prison-related or not. "This is ultimately not only about prison ministry; it's about helping people who are in need and people who are at risk."

The broadcast can be heard on various radio stations but is most easily accessed through the ministry's Web site. If you would like to listen to recent or previous broadcasts, click here.


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