Crossroads look to promote character in youth around the world

By May 14, 2009

International (MNN) — Crossroads, an initiative out of Campus Crusades Ministries, is challenging youth in public schools all around the world to investigate the life of Jesus.

"Crossroads … is comprised of teams in over 70 countries now that are trained to take curricula into schools, into orphanages, into community centers and other settings," Matt Kavgian, co-producer of Crossroads, said. At these settings, the staffs "introduce youth to the concepts of godly character and how to make wise choices for their life."

Kavgian said Crossroads wants to get people talking about Jesus and how He fits into their daily lives. One way this is being accomplished is the Crossroads curriculum being approved in public schools.

An example of where this is taking place is in Ukraine.

"Their ministry of education has made Crossroads an approved program to be taught in public schools," Kavgian said. "They pay their teachers to teach Crossroads."

He said this is just as surprising as if a school in North America paid their teachers to teach a religious curriculum alongside sex and life skills education.

Crossroads is seen as an "integral part of national education" in several other countries as well, which include Guatemala, Honduras, Tonga, and Suriname. Kavgian said they would like to establish the same relationship in all the countries they minister.

In 1995, Crossroads was started when various countries approached Campus Crusade asking for help to begin a character education program. The Jesus Film Project is also a ministry of Campus Crusade, and the film has been used as part of the curriculum, using Jesus as a role model for daily living.

However, Kavgian sees the future of Crossroads depending on partnerships outside of the Jesus Film and Campus Crusade. That is where you can help. Consider partnering with Crossroads as they are in need of volunteers, and pray for Crossroads as they still face communities with religious and political opposition.

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