Cruise of the Ukraine is a spiritual re-charger

By March 1, 2010

Ukraine (MNN) — Have you ever wanted to take a cruise? To experience a different culture? Or to meet believers from across the world? Russian Ministries has a trip that includes all of the above.

Join Anita Deyneka, president of Russian Ministries; Sergey Rakhuba, senior vice-president; and about 40 other believers on a "cruise with a purpose" this August. The Viking's cruise will journey through the Black Sea and Dnieper River in Ukraine.

Russian Ministries has been working in Ukraine for years and has a well-established ministry there. The cruise gives participants an opportunity to see the impact of the ministry throughout the country.

"In every city where we stop, we will have a chance to visit churches, spend time with Christian leaders, and to see projects that Russian Ministries has initiated and invested resources and developed," says Rakhuba.

The cruise will serve as a time of relaxation of course, but it will also be a chance to recharge spiritual batteries. Plenty of ministry presentations will be done on board, and the fellowship with believers in Ukraine will create unforgettable bonds.

"[When you go on the cruise] you build a bond with national missionaries. You build a bond with national church leaders," says Rakhuba. "You see their needs. You see what they are doing, and you become a part of that. And you continue praying for them and supporting them. You feel that you are part of the big, international family of Christians."

This is not a regular, hands-on missions trip, but a chance to observe the impact of Russian Ministries and the Kingdom of God firsthand. Cruise-goers will get the opportunity to visit orphanages and churches, and will have the chance to meet believers from Russian Ministries as well as other ministries in Ukraine.

"This truly will be an eye-opening opportunity," says Rakhuba. "People can start building connections. They see how they can get involved and play a significant role in the future supporting those ministries that are in great need there."

The cruise is scheduled for August 3 to 15, 2010. Consider attending with your spouse or a friend. If you would like to take this opportunity to fellowship with believers and share in the joy of a ministry, visit and click on the bottom link to the Ukraine cruise.

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