Cry Out connects Christians from a Muslim background

By December 19, 2022

Middle East (MNN) — In the Middle East, Muslims who become Christians often feel isolated. They may have no churches to join and not know any other Christians.

The prayer ministry Cry Out, wants to connect these believers. David says, “Recently, we were able to gather together a group of believers who represent lots of different subgroups. They’re all from a Muslim background. But it was a mix of ethnic groups and subgroups within Islam. You have Sunni Muslims; you have Shia Muslims. But also, in the Middle East, you have other groups, not just Arabs. You have Kurds, for instance.”

This group of 12 Christian men and women prayed and worshipped together. David says, “It was extraordinary to see. Because for many of them, this would have been the first time they gathered together with believers from a similar background.”

Mutual support

This group began immediately supporting each other. David tells about two of the women. “As they were praying for one another, one of them was able to give the other one some advice about the impact her faith has had on her marriage. The other lady that was receiving this encouragement and advice, she felt touched. She realized that she’s not alone.”

Pray Cry Out will be able to make more connections like this with Muslim-background believers. David says, “The short interactions that two people can have with others from a Muslim background are worth maybe 100 interactions between those of us who are not from a Muslim background. I think it creates an environment that helps people to be encouraged.”

David says these networks continue getting more robust as more people get added. Praise God for the continued growth of His kingdom in the Middle East.



(Header photo courtesy of Engin Akyurt from Pixabay)

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