CU opens Masters program in Prague

By February 14, 2013

Prague (MNN) — English is a language that is known worldwide. Schools teach it to their students all over the world. But who teaches them English? It can be a difficult task to teach English if you are not thoroughly equipped.

Cornerstone University's Division Chair of Humanities Michael Pasquale has a passion for showing students how to teach English as a second language (TESOL). "What we found was a real need for training, for helping teachers, missionary teachers do this effectively. So we're really happy to provide a chance for residency in Prague for students wanting to complete their MA in TESOL," Pasquale said.

Cornerstone University is offering their Masters in TESOL in Prague. "There's a need for English across the whole spectrum of residence in the country," Pasquale said, adding, "We do find academic programs to help High School and college students, we see business people, we see mom's wanting conversation groups, so really it's kind of all of the above."

Studying in Prague, Czech Republic will equip the students with the knowledge and skills to teach English in diverse cultural settings.

"Two of the courses we'll be offering are in issues in TESOL course and a Methods in TESOL. These are similar courses that we offer in our Grand Rapids residency, but the difference is that we would teach those with our students in mind. With the issues and context that they'd being facing in Central and Eastern Europe," Pasquale said.

The program combines the flexibility of online learning and the personal connection of week-long summer residency courses.

"A majority of the class is methods of teaching or applied linguistics. It's the content that you would expect to receive in a masters and TESOL program," Pasquale explained. "The heartbeat of this program is to equip missionaries that are serving in Central and Eastern Europe. It doesn't have to be limited to missionaries, it could be others that want to learn how to teach."

"One of the positives about a program is that we are able to network people together. So it is not just students learning from professors from Cornerstone, but learning from each other in a learning community, "Pasquale said. "Hearing ideas from each other, some of our students will have been teaching in central and eastern Europe for years, and be able to come along side newer teachers and say 'this is what worked for me, this is what I tried.'"

If you are interested in learning more about the program click here. Pasquale said, "We do have a March 1st deadline; there is a deposit that is due at that time. We're hoping for a small cohort, even if we have a small group of 5 to 10 students we're going to make that a go and really enjoy a learning community in Prague."

In the words of Pasquale, "Pray for a lot of logistical details, but also for those who are considering this."

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