Cuba allows limited free enterprise

By February 17, 2011

Cuba (MNN) — In a country where free enterprise has been frowned upon for more than 50 years, the streets of Cuba appear to be changing.

Cuba is now allowing 178 different kinds of businesses to help offset the one million workers Cuba is laying off. John Dyck with World Serve Ministries says they need to help the local church. "We will be partnering with some of the local denominations and churches and trying to provide start-up funds for micro-financing where possible, under very limited conditions and certainly holding to any legal implications there might be."

Cubans are calling this a crisis, so World Serve is helping. Dyck says, "With approximately 20 percent of the workforce being laid off, we need to respond and be able help Christians have some kind of a viable income."

Dyck says the Cuban church has helped during times of crisis before. "The church has responded at a variety of opportunities to have a strong witness. An example would be 2 1/2 years ago when they suffered huge hurricane damage. The Christian church was the first and strongest to respond to that need. And people took notice."

Dyck continues, "I believe this is another one of those opportunities–and probably even more serious in its complications for people. But I believe that the church can respond and provide perhaps employment or certainly outreach for the Gospel."

If God's calling you to finance this, there's a link at our Web site.


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