Cuba needs Bibles, you can help

By April 4, 2011

Cuba (MNN) — The country of Cuba continues to face the effects of a poor economy. Statewide layoffs have left many Cubans without a way to earn a living. That uncertainty is causing many Cubans to search for answers. Many are finding these answers in Christ. But, there's a problem.

John Dyck with
WorldServe Ministries says a shortage of Bibles is the problem. "They are in very limited supply, and there are many, many Cuban Christians who do not own a Bible the way we do in North America."

Dyck says Christians share Bibles between friends, family or fellow church members.

WorldServe wants to change that by distributing Bibles legally. "We do that by working through the Bible Commission in Cuba, which is a legal branch. We are hoping this year and into next year to bring in a significant number. We're not sure what that will be yet, but certainly significant — into the 10s of thousands."

Dyck says it could take a few more months to nail down all of the details. He says revival is creating much of the need; the city of Guantanamo is just one example. "God is reaching many people through, sometimes, small house churches. We're talking thousands of people who are making commitments to the Lord at this point. So we want to be involved in this window of opportunity where God is working revival once again in Cuba."

In addition to prayer for this need, Dyck says, "We have launched a campaign for funds for this because we would like to see a significant numbers of Bibles go in, not just a few hundred or thousands, but many. People can help with that at our Web site."

WorldServe will also be focusing on the 4/14 Window–the age demographic most open to the Gospel. Dyck says they want to train "young people to actually be the ones to work with children because they, of course, have the enthusiasm and in Cuba are very committed to their faith."

$5 a month helps to provide materials, snacks, small toys and other supplies to help WorldServe's ministry outreach to children. "The churches will ultimately reach out to the children in their community once they have people trained and commitments for resources they can use to develop the programs better," says Dyck.

If you'd like to help WorldServe Ministries with these efforts, click here.


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