Cuba Needs New Bibles

By March 20, 2007

Cuba (MNN) — Christians in Cuba need a Bible they can relate to.  While the Gospel is spreading fast, the outdated version of many Bibles in Cuba is not helping. 

That's why World Bible Translation Center has begun the Urgent Need Cuban Bible Project.  They have official permission to distribute 100,000 Easy-to-Read Spanish Bibles with the help of the "Cuban National Council of Churches."

It is difficult for missionaries to evangelize when locals cannot relate to what is being read.  The council and WBTC will distribute the new Bibles to member churches who will, then, distribute them to worshippers.

Their goal is $400,000.  So far they have received 15 percent of that, or $62,614.  Because Cuba's political climate is so uncertain the opportunity for Bible distribution may not last. 

Click here if you would like to donate now.

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