Cult causes issues for believers in China

By December 21, 2012

China (ODM) — Christmas is a time of tension for many churches in countries where Open Doors works. The same is true for churches in China. The cult "Eastern Lightning" is causing the tension. According to Eastern Lightning, Friday the 21st of December, the end of the world will occur.

Eastern Lightning is a cult offshoot of Christianity in China. They believe that God has returned to earth as a woman, "born to an ordinary family in the Northern part of China" to guide mankind for the third and last time.

The Chinese government lists the group as a "cult" and has actively tried to suppress it, (which is different from the softer treatment on house churches), especially since its millenarian theology tends to take an explicitly anti-government stance. In the past, the members have kidnapped Christians and others, and forcibly tried to convert them.

Now, the Chinese government has launched full-force actions to wipe out this cult. Some local governments have warned Christian churches to keep a low profile and to not arrange large-scale meetings at Christmas, as there may be actions to suppress such meetings in case they are related to this cult.

This will affect the work of the Chinese Church. Many are planning evangelistic events during the Christmas season.

Churches have not indicated they'll stop working, so pray that they'll have wisdom as they gather to fellowship and worship. Pray that believers will stand firm in their faith. Also, ask God to reveal Himself to members of Eastern Lightning.


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