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Published on 28 April, 2010

Cultural preservation paves way for Bible translation

Nigeria (MNN) — Nigeria's Alago people are working to
preserve their mother-tongue. Translators now have a written language, and
literacy programs are underway. The
literacy rate is estimated at 2.5%.

The Seed Company says a third of the population are
believers and are excited about getting God's Word in Alago. There are roughy 35,000 speakers in
Nigeria. According to the ethnologue, part
of the Bible was published for the first time in 1929, and the complete Bible
has not yet been published.

Alago translators also plan to complete the New Testament
and portions of the Old Testament by 2013, after starting in 2008. The
"JESUS" film is also top priority.

Believers need Scripture in the mother tongue in order to
better share the hope of Christ in their culture. Some Christians would like to reach out to their
friends and neighbors. Many remain bound
with the legalism of another area religion or trapped by animism.

Continue to pray that God will call two more translators and a skilled
typist willing to join the team. Praise God that an Alago alphabet and
spelling system are now in place, forming a solid foundation for translation

You can help this project move forward. Click here for

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