CURE hospitals stand for Christ by providing meals

By November 25, 2009

International (MNN) — In the last year, food prices have shot up, drought has destroyed any hope for crops, and victims have been left to wonder when they will eat their next meal.

Especially at the holidays, many can't imagine going hungry. But hunger is a daily reality for millions. And anyone struggling against starvation is unlikely to have the money to attend to other maladies.

CURE International has taken on both issues. CURE has hospitals in several countries in the developing world, where they offer free surgeries for children with Hydrocephalus, Cleft Palate, Clubfoot, spinal deformities, and crippling orthopedic conditions.

During their life-changing stay at a CURE hospital, children as well as their caretakers are provided with meals. This may seem relatively normal to some, but most hospitals in the developing world do not pay the extra expenses to feed their patients. Caring enough to provide meals for their patients distinguishes CURE from other hospitals and demonstrates Christ's love.

Of course, if costs CURE to offer free medical care and still provide free meals. They cannot do it alone. The cost to feed every child can be overwhelming in countries like Kenya and Ethiopia, where drought has hit hard. For just $65 USD–about the price of a full holiday meal–you can provide one week's worth of nourishing food for a CURE child. If you would like to help provide a hungry child with food, click here.

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