CURE introduces patients to the true Healer

By February 17, 2009

Dominican Republic (MNN) — If you have ever wanted to make a permanent impact on someone's life, but are not sure you have the time, a CURE short-term mission trip could be for you.

Fourth-year medical student Matthew Hiersche
joined CURE International on a one-month trip in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. Hiersche discovered CURE after several of his friends worked with the ministry, and he decided to participate. Through a volunteer medical trip, he was able to see CURE meet the physical, medical needs of those who could not afford it, spreading Christ's love in a tangible way.

Hiersche was particularly impressed by the high standards of care CURE provided in a poor country. Hiersche explained that this level of quality opened his eyes to the possibility of ministry in the medical world.

"It opened doors for me in my mind, and it really allowed me to see that it was possible to function at a very high level of care equal to U.S. standards down in the Dominican Republic where obviously your resources are not as readily available," says Hiersche.

Hiersche discussed his opportunity to shadow a surgeon who works with CURE long-term and has seen his family blessed because of the commitment. He went on to explain that as CURE helps its patients physically, they also offer a good measure of spiritual support. Each hospital has a Spiritual Director, and prayer has become the focus for the staff. The staff prays together throughout surgery and, with patient permission, CURE personnel pray with patients before and after surgery, pointing to Christ as their strength, peace, and the true Healer.

After his adventure in the Dominican Republic, Hiersche is thinking of longer term ministry, performing sub-specialty plastic surgery in a hand and burn fellowship. He is now considering working for CURE someday, likely in pediatrics.

Since CURE is a medically-based ministry, doctors and nurses are needed perhaps more than anyone else. But there are also other short-term positions available, so anyone can be a part of this exciting process without any medical training whatsoever. People are also needed to simply spend time with the children, visit those in CURE hospitals and do some more general work. Trips to Honduras, Zambia and Uganda are already planned for this coming summer.

If you can help CURE spread the love of Christ in a visible way, consider a short-term trip. If there is another CURE location in which you would like to serve, they may be able to work with you. For more information on CURE trips, click here.

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