CURE raising awareness of needs in Africa

By September 30, 2008

Kenya (MNN) — While CURE International just celebrated 10 years of ministry in Kenya, the medical outreach is looking to the future. CURE focuses on the needs of disabled children. Their hospital presence now spans across 11 countries. Their goal is serve the poorest of the poor that have no access to specialty care.

Doctor Elijah Muteti and Nurse Nancy Nganga are in the United States raising awareness of their work at the CURE International Children's Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya.

According to Muteti, they're work is more than helping children. They're trying to train orthopedic surgeons. "The reason is there are only about 60 orthopedic surgeons in the country of 35 million people. Now, if the 60 people were to spread out through the country, that gives us a very small number of people for the entire population. I think we have less than 10 people outside the capital city. So I'm hoping that by training more people, then we'll have more impact."

Muteti says they're also training doctors from other countries like Ethiopia.

However, Nurse Nganga says it's not only about healing physically. "Our ministry is 50-50:  50-percent spiritual and 50-percent medical. We've been able to reach a number of people with the Gospel. In a given year, we are able to reach about 7,000 with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And about 3,000 have given their lives to Jesus Christ."

According to Nganga, once they turn to Christ, they're not left alone. "We'll make sure that we'll attach them to a church so that these pastors are doing the follow up so these people can grow in faith."

Dr. Muteti says the hospital is growing. "We have new theaters coming in, therefore we're going to be able to do more surgeries."

However, not all people in Kenya can afford hospitalization. That's where you can help. $22 can feed a patient from start to finish. For $200, you can cure a child with club foot. Then, $1,000 can provide surgery for one child.

While CURE needs your help, they're also asking Kenyans and the government to begin supporting their ministry.

If you'd like to support CURE's work abroad, click here.

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