CURE to open 11th clinic

By November 23, 2009

Niger (MNN) — As CURE International prepares to open its
11th clinic in September 2010, Executive Director in Niger Leron Lehman asks
you to pray for God's blessing over this project.

"I think having God's favor and Him preparing
the way and the path for us is gonna be very important."

The clinic will
provide diagnosis and treatment for disabled children and their families.

Lehman says early research into the project showed a
generous community welcome. CURE doesn't expect any resistance or opposition to
the new clinic, even from the Muslim community. In some locations, sharing the love
of Christ through medical care raises hostility.

"Early indications, based on some of the relationships
we've developed there, are that they're welcoming us with open arms,"
Lehman says. "[It] appears that it's a little bit of a different flavor,
so to speak, [in the Niger Muslim community] than maybe we've experienced
in some of our other hospitals in the Middle East.

"It's very clear already, even as we laid the
groundwork, that we're coming as a Christian organization, we want to
share God's love, and that's sort of the point of why we're there. But we also
want to, in a practical way, solve some of the issues…that the country

As CURE teams continue to plan and train hospital workers,
ask God to give them peace and wisdom.

"You know, there are days when it seems like an overwhelming
task to do the things that have to be accomplished before
we can really start helping children and families."  

Pray that the logistics CURE faces in this project
fall into place smoothly and that the clinic opens on schedule. Click
here to help financially support the CURE Niger clinic.

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