Current sponsored students unaffected by bombing

By September 24, 2007

Pakistan (MNN) — A time bomb was detonated in a Christian school in the same town where Compassion Radio sponsors 14 university students. "Pakistan Education for Freedom Project" aims to expand there.

A news article reported that a time-bomb went off in the kindergarten through 5th grade school in Bannu in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan last week. According to the report, students at Saint John Basco Model School, run by the Catholic church, are
taught by Muslim and Christian teachers. No one was hurt in the explosion, but it left a three foot-square hole in the foundation of the building.

The parish priest interviewed stated he believed the attack was a general act of terrorism.

The media has reported two other bomb blasts in the area in July and August.

This is the backdrop for Compassion Radio's students attending the University of Science and Technology in Bannu. These students struggle economically but are gifted in academics.

Though the students are from Muslim backgrounds, they are put in contact with Christian resources as well as Christian students.

Last school year, Compassion fully funded the tuition for 14 students. This year they would like to expand that number to 34. This unique project cannot be done without help, so they have a challenge to contributors. 

The price of sending all 20 new students to school is $13,000. There are several ways to reach this goal; 13 gifts of $1,000, 26 gifts of $500, or anyone simply giving the best they can.

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