Custom New Testaments Reach Cities

By May 30, 2007

USA (MNN) — International Bible Society's CityReachers ministry has big plans for the coming year. 

Between now and May 4, 2008, they plan to send their customized New Testaments into nine cities across the United States. 

Each New Testament is custom-made for the city and will be included in the weekend newspaper. They include pictures from the city such as landmarks, as well as testimonies from two people who live in the city. 

There are already planned dates of distribution in cities such as Pittsburgh, Fort Worth, and Greater Philadelphia. 

CityReachers hopes that Christians in churches across the country will help them come into their communities. These projects are made possible through prayer as well as giving from local churches and matching donations. A piece of Scripture, either the entire New Testament, a portion of Scripture, or seasonal Scripture, is chosen for the publication. 

Not all publications must be distributed through newspaper. It is possible to do distribution through door hangers or saturation mailings as well.

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