CWO helps South African single moms

By June 29, 2023

South Africa (MNN) — In South Africa, Christian World Outreach works with single moms and their sons. The ministry, called Single Moms Raising Sons, provides for financial independence as well as spiritual and emotional well-being.

Greg Yoder says, “There are three Bible studies that we use about single moms from the Bible, and how God was their God. What we really want to do is help these moms understand who they are in their relationship with God so that they can direct their sons to their Heavenly Father.”

“He will never abandon them like the earthly father may have for whatever reason.”

CWO also hosts camps for boys in these families, providing them with fun and positive male role models. Want to support this unique ministry? Visit their website here.

Making a difference

Yoder says, “What we’re seeing is usually young men that are in jail have come from families with a single mom. So it’s a huge ministry. We’re just a year old.”

Yoder says CWO sees a lot of potential for the expansion of the ministry. “We want to minister to young men before they get out of jail, helping them adjust back to life outside of jail and that kind of thing.”

Pray this ministry would show Jesus’ love to many.




Thembi Myeni, co-founder of the Single Moms Raising Sons ministries, says the ministry was born out of love for her sons and a need for the Father to be in her son’s lives and her life. (Photo courtesy of CWO)