Cyclone Funso menaces studio project, but construction continues

By January 27, 2012

Mozambique (MNN) — Cyclone Funso brought gusty conditions and
flooding rain to coastal regions of Mozambique.

Packing winds and rain the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane,
it has been spinning off the coast of southeast Africa since late last week. Preceded
by Tropical Depression Dando, the storms claimed at least 25 lives and
displaced thousands in Mozambique. 

When the main road to Xai Xai washed away earlier in the week, the
wash-out effectively cut off food, fuel and other support to the region. A construction team with Audio Scripture
was also stranded on the wrong side of the river for several

However, missionary
Chad Vanden Bosch says they did manage a crossing late Tuesday. In order to open the road, workers had filled
the 60-meter gap with boulders and then covered that with smaller rocks so that
it was a bumpy, yet easily passable spot.

Since then, the team has been onsite at the new studio building
for their partner, Crown of Victory Studios. The construction
was undamaged, and plumbing and drainage were well underway as of
yesterday. Electrical systems are moving
at speed, too. The electric company set up poles, and the
team is waiting for a final inspection. Vanden Bosch writes, "Lord willing, we will be able to get
connected to the grid next week!"

While the progress has been satisfying despite the delay, Vanden Bosch notes
that they're not totally out of the woods yet. Most predictions have the cyclone continuing
south and then swerving away from land, but all of them say there is still a
slight chance it could be pushed back onto land near the construction site.

Pray that the storm would move out to
sea and not threaten land that is already very wet and wind damaged.

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