Cyclone Mahasen drives families to shelters

By May 28, 2013

Bangladesh (MNN/GFA) — Government officials in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka are relieved to see a low death toll of 48 from tropical storm Mahasen.

When Cyclone Mahasen surged toward Southeast Asia last week, the United Nations warned that 8.2 million people were in life-threatening danger.

As Mahasen threw off rain and veered its course, it hit the shoreline on Thursday, May 16, during a low-tide afternoon.

While the storm’s devastation was less than expected, it is far from over with 1.2 million affected in Bangladesh alone.

Those who evacuated before the storm will return to find thousands of homes, crop acres, and livestock damaged or destroyed. In one Bangladeshi district, three churches supported by Gospel for Asia were heavily damaged.

Gospel for Asia’s Compassion Services teams are putting together food packets for families, which include rice, salt, oil, potatoes, and matchsticks.

“We would like to provide for 540 families right away,” said a team member. Similar plans are being made in other districts as ministry leaders assess the damage and gather the resources available to meet families’ needs. Each food packet will cost about $14.

In the midst of devastation, the chance to bring aid also gives GFA opportunities to share Christ. Bangladesh is 90% Muslim, 9% Hindu, with a very small percentage of Christians.
Please pray for the families affected by the storm.

Pray for GFA as they spread the message of God’s compassion and redemption with aid.

Click here if you’d like to donate any amount to GFA’s cyclone relief.

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