“Cyprian” wins Strength of Faith at Hollywood Divine International Film Festival

By November 5, 2021

International (MNN) — First-century Christians speak to us today through the work of International Media Ministries. President Denise Godwin says the latest IMM docudrama about Cyprian carries a timely message for today’s viewers.

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“Cyprian leads the church in North Africa during the persecution of the Romans. Right after the persecution, the plague hits. It’s called the Cyprian plague in many historical documents because he described it,” Godwin says.

“He (Cyprian) led them first to stand firm during persecution. Then, when the community becomes ill and there are people dead in the streets, he leads the church to go out, bury the dead bodies, and minister to those who’ve been shut out of their homes because people were afraid.”

Cyprian’s life holds encouragement for today’s believers, just like Corrie ten Boom, Godwin says.

“People who’ve had to suffer and then forgive their persecutors are pretty incredible stories to inspire us today.”

The quality of this production earns merit. “Cyprian” took first place in the Strength of Faith category at this year’s Hollywood Divine International Film Festival.

“We don’t set out to get awards but being recognized by peers is really surprising and marvelous for us,” Godwin says.

(Graphic courtesy of HDI via IMM)

The unexpected reward follows two years of turmoil and uncertainty.

“We ended up shooting this story in November of 2019. At that point, we have not heard any rumors of any viruses or shutdowns,” Godwin says.

“We found ourselves nearly in shock in March (2020) to be shut in, editing the story of Cyprian leading the church during a time of plague.”

You can find “Cyprian” on Amazon or Redeem TV. Just search for the Lost Legacy Reclaimed series.

“We, as a Church today, have a legacy from the early Church that we can reclaim. We have a rich history that comes from North Africa,” Godwin says.

“Seek out these stories and think about how they apply to your own faith, your own place, your own times.”



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