Cyprus blast disrupts television ministry

By September 8, 2011

Cyprus (SAT7/MNN) — The shockwaves of July's deadly munitions explosion in
Cyprus are still being felt. 

This week before an investigating committee, Cyprus President blamed a "failure of the system" as the root cause of the blast that killed 13 at a
naval base.  

While the rubble is visible, the explosion also triggered both political and
economic crises. There are rumors in the
financial district that Cyprus Electricity Authority (EAC) has had difficulty securing
a 100 million euro loan after the explosion.

Damage estimates are in the multi-billion-dollar range and could hamper the
country's economic growth. Experts say the plant meets more than half of
Cyprus' power needs, and it could take up to a year to fix the power plant.

SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and
North Africa, says their office in Cyprus is working, but it has been extremely
difficult. There were daily rolling power outages that often came without
warning. Attempts have been made by the
Cyprus Electricity Authority to send out notices regarding when the power will be out,
but it has had limited success.

As more power generators have been bought by the government, power
in Cyprus is stabilizing. However, the bills to pay for the new power source
are going to be much higher. It affects
much more than the actual television show production. 

Crippling average daytime temperatures are a problem. Without temperature
control, electronic equipment does not run properly and can easily overheat or
break down. SAT-7 has been using
generators in one main room to keep servers going and employees productive.

Battery and generator failure, excessive costs, and high temperatures have
made it difficult for SAT-7 staff to uphold the high standards of quality they
typically maintain. While employees are doing as much as they can, intermittent
power is an issue.

Pray for the staff. They are trusting
that something good will eventually come out of this situation for the people
of Cyprus. Pray that there would be a quick resolution
to the crisis and that sharing the hope of Christ would continue, without disruption.

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