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Published on 29 April, 2010

Dagara team uses water as a bridge to evangelism

Burkina Faso (MNN) — 2,000 years ago a woman committed herself to follow Jesus after meeting Him at a well. Today, people continue to meet and follow Christ through the conduit of clean well water.

In the last eight years, the Dagara team in Burkina Faso has planted churches in over 25 villages. They have poured a great deal of time into preaching the Gospel and building up leaders throughout the country.

Recently, Living Water International and Oak Hills Church in San Antonio partnered with the Dagara team to help them create a water ministry. Through this partnership, the team has already provided rehabilitated wells to over six communities.

These wells have delivered far more than just water, however. As the evangelistic Dagara team has provided life through clean water, they have also offered new life through Christ's own "living water." As a result, evangelism has exploded. After a simple"‘worship at the well" in one village, 12 new members were added to the church and 13 families asked for Bibles. Seeing the effects, a neighboring community asked the Dagara team to come to them next.

Pray that God would continue to work through the precious commodity of clean water as a river to His Truth. As the Dagara team embarks on reaching 60 villages in 2011 with this ministry, pray that the Lord would use the love of their actions and words to bring many more to Himself.

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