Dalit dignity could help evangelism in India, centers are being built

By May 2, 2005

India (MNN) — An historic meeting between an Indian civil rights leader and a Christian ministry may pave the way for more than dignity for Dalits, the lowest of Indian society.
Hopegivers International’s Samuel Thomas met with Sajan George late last week to discuss establishing a Karnataka Dalit Center in Bangalore and a Christian Institute of Medical Sciences in Mozoram.

Thomas says this Dalit center will give dignity to the untouchables of Indian culture. “Dalits have never had dignity in their entire life. If they’re born into a Dalit family they don’t have any future. And, Doctor Sajan George would like give them dignity by giving them a place they can come and get counseling of their personal life and how they need to change their life to the Lord who created them.”

They also discussed opening a Christian Medical College giving even more hope to them. “Where Dalits, or any other Christian person who is qualified to enter into medical college, he will be given a Christian education plus medical information where they can go out and become Christian medical missionaries into one of the 600,000 villages in India that has never heard of Christ.”

Because Dalits are fed up with the Hindu faith which has enslaved them for centuries, they’re open to Christianity. Thomas says help from civil rights giant Sajan George could be what brings millions of these Dalits to Christ. “They know the name Sajan George. He not only promises them that we will provide you with a school and a clinic for your children, but also tells the up front that it is done because the love of Christ. And, that’s what I like about Doctor Sajan because this is a breakthrough for Christian ministries in India.”

Thomas says if Christians don’t take an interest in these people, other religions will take them away. He says now is the time to act. $16,000 is needed for the center and Bangalore, while funding is just getting started for the Christian Institute of Medical Sciences.

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