Damage costs mounting one month after earthquake

By March 7, 2023
child evangelism fellowship, turkiye, syria

Turkiye/Syria (MNN) — Earthquake aftershocks in Turkiye and Syria continue to flatten buildings and stoke fear among survivors. It’s been one month since the 7.8-magnitude earthquake killed over 50,000 people. Currently, 1.5 million people are homeless, and damage costs continue to mount.

In Turkiye, economists and government officials expect damages from the earthquake on February 6th will cost more than $50 billion lira ($2.6 billion USD).

Child Evangelism Fellowship has national staff in both Syria and Turkiye. One of their workers in Syria wrote, “We, just now, found a place to stay. But there’s no food, freezing temperatures, and the children are like ice. We are ministering to 700 children and the parents.

“The parents say there is no food here for their children. There are still several tremors an hour and one mom told us that she has not slept in 5 days. It is beyond rough. Please pray for us.”

child evangelism fellowship, turkiye, syria

(Photo courtesy of CEF)

Lydia Kaiser, a spokesperson with CEF, also relays this message from local partners: “‘Everyone needs cover, food, and the little ones need diapers. The children are so cold, tired, and afraid, they can’t eat and they wet themselves. I don’t know how to keep my children safe. It’s below freezing outside so I’m afraid they will die from the cold. But if we go in, I’m afraid the walls will come down on us.’”

In the midst of tragedy, local Christians are sharing the comfort of Jesus. CEF works with national believers who, of course, know the language, culture, and how to effectively share the Gospel with kids and their families.

CEF workers around the world have organized Hope for Turkiye/Syria with a plan to distribute backpacks called Bags of Hope.

Bags of Hope contain food, toys, school items, and CEF’s “Do You Wonder Why?” booklet — which answers questions kids have in crisis and shares the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Kaiser says, “We request prayer that we will be able to get our ‘Do You Wonder Why?’ booklet printed in the vast quantities needed [and] in the language needed as soon as possible. They are being printed right now, but a lot is needed and the distribution is difficult.”

You can support CEF’s urgent ministry into Turkiye and Syria by giving here.

child evangelism fellowship, turkiye, syria

(Photo courtesy of CEF)

Please also pray for kids and their families who are still reeling a month since the earthquake. Pray for those who need physical aid to be connected with resources. And above all, ask the Lord to be near those who are grieving and shelter them with compassion and comfort.







Header photo courtesy of CEF.