Damaged radios could keep mission planes grounded

By July 9, 2004

USA (MNN) — It can be the difference between staying on the ground or taking off and Mission Aviation Fellowship needs help to make sure this doesn’t happen.

MAF’s President Kevin Swanson says this year alone 70 radios will be shipped to their offices in Redlands, California for repair. The cost for those repairs is estimated at $50,000 or $700 per radio. Swanson says broken equipment means just one thing. “We can’t send a plane and pilot off on a flight on a given day if the radio is not working. And, it may seem like a rather inexpensive part of a very expensive aircraft, but it’s one of those vital things that without it the airplane can not safely be used to overcome barriers to bring the Gospel to those people who are in remote parts of the world.” And, if a plane is grounded it can slow down Bible translation and church planting work because those missionaries can get into remote areas.

Swanson says that’s why people like you are important. “Partners who work together with us, in terms of donating incomes so that we can repair these radios are a critical link in the chain. That $50,000 of course is just to maintain the radios that we do have.” And, that doesn’t account for new radios that are needed.

Pray that many will respond to this need, even though it isn’t fancy.

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