Dare to Dream: Join SAT-7’s Week of Prayer this October

By August 12, 2019

USA (MNN) – August is almost halfway over, which means SAT-7, a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, is inching closer to its Week of Prayer event. SAT-7’s Week of Prayer will run from October 20-27.

The Week of Prayer is a time dedicated for viewers and friends of SAT-7 across the globe to unite in intentional prayer for the Middle East and North Africa. As an international event, people can join via the internet by signing up here. The theme for this year’s Week of Prayer—Dare to Dream.

Dare to Dream

Week of Prayer - Dare to Dream 2019

Week of Prayer – Dare to Dream 2019 (Image courtesy of SAT-7)

The theme was formulated from the events happening in the Middle East and North Africa. Churches in these regions often encounter persecution. Many refugee children are left without the option for education.

“Dare to dream is to dream of a better life, dream of education, dream of having a secure job, but also dream of being free to worship and dream of a church where you can have fellowship and worship and grow in your spiritual life. And so, we dare as a staff to make the Gospel available to everybody in the Middle East and North Africa,” says Dennis Wiens, SAT-7 USA’s vice president for ministry partnerships.

But why a whole week? In the past, SAT-7 only hosted a single day of prayer. The organization expanded on this concept to raise greater awareness of prayer. The expansion also allows for more intentionality in the prayer process by sharing specific prayer requests each day of the week starting Monday and ending the following Sunday.

Join the Week of Prayer

If you’re interested in joining SAT-7’s Week of Prayer – Dare to Dream, sign up at the website! While there, download the Week of Prayer poster to put up at church and use to invite others to join the Week of Prayer, too. Encourage friends and family to look at the Middle East and North Africa through the lens of the global Church.

“Generally, [people] want to help but a lot of times don’t know how to help. I think one place to start is prayer. Just start praying about what you’re hearing in the news…Start praying, and then be sensitive as the Holy Spirit leads you as you pray…We invite everybody to join us in this week of prayer,” Wiens encourages.

Sign up for SAT-7’s Week of Prayer – Dare to Dream HERE!



Header photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash.

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