Day of Prayer for Europe — a success

By November 5, 2008

International (MNN) — It's been nearly two weeks since Greater Europe Mission organized the Day of Prayer for Europe, and people continue participating in the worldwide virtual prayer initiative.

Greater Europe Mission's President Henry Deneen says the prayer effort surpassed his expectations as 10,003 people prayed on October 23. "It was an incredible time of celebration for us during that day as we saw people from all around the world praying — the numbers going up. And, I just checked it. As of today (November 4), people continue to pray. The number is 12,124."

Deneen says they have registered prayers for every country in Europe.

Deneen reports an interesting statistic: "The regions of North Africa (the Mediterranean region we call it) as well as Turkey had the most prayers of any areas of Europe. That brings into focus issues of Islam, so that was an encouraging thing. What's God laying on the hearts of people, and how does that impact ministry direction for the future?"

Deneen is praying for a mighty move of God. "We're really hoping to see the church become a rapidly-reproducing movement throughout Europe. We know that the only way that's going to happen is through prayer. We want to see migrants reached. In fact, there are more migrants in Europe than anywhere else in the face of the earth."

Deneen hopes the prayer focus will continue into next year. "We're looking at doing another day of prayer sometime in the Spring of '09. We're just sort of at the point now where we're saying, 'God what do You want for '09?' So we're formulating that now, and we would be eager to hear from people who listen to this broadcast in terms of, what is God laying on their hearts for the future?"

If you'd like to continue praying for Europe, click here.

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