Deadline nearing for Olympic outreach

By August 29, 2013

Russia (MNN) — Even though it’s nearing the end of summer, who wants to think of winter, right? The wind and blowing snow may not be a pleasant thought for many. But, you may have positive feelings about the 2014 Winter Olympics.

For those who desire an incredible opportunity to share Christ at the Olympics, take note — you need to act quickly.

SOAR International Ministries is coming along side Russian Christians in Russia to SOARsochiprovide volunteers to help with the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. SOAR’s Greg Mangioni. “We are looking for up to 90 people. There are three weeks of the project and we need 25 to 30 people each week of the Olympics. We’ll be helping to staff three Christian fun zones, it what they’re calling them.”

What are the qualifications? Mangioni says, “The primary skill [or gift] we’re looking for is a heart for service — wanting to serve the Lord. After that, we’ll find practical ways to use those gifts.”

What will you be doing? “Visiting with people. Staffing a little cafĂ©. Talking about their faith. There’s going to be some outdoors games and entertainment, indoor big screen tv or projector broadcasting the Olympics for those who can’t be there in person.”

If you think you can’t be used, think again. Mangioni says, “There will be something for every interest and skill level, whether it’s helping out in the kitchen, to visiting with Russians or other international guests to the Sochi area who want to see what this fun zone is all about.”

The deadline to find out who’s interested in serving in Russia is August 31. That gets the process started. You can get specific information about that trip, here:

Mission Network News’ Greg Yoder will be joining the team and covering the events for our radio network.

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