Deadly quakes rattle Japan; ministry team untouched

By July 18, 2007

(MNN) — A second strong earthquake struck in the Sea of Japan off western Japan, hours
after a separate killer quake struck the northwest coast Monday. The quakes
injured hundreds, killed nine, and forced thousands to evacuation centers.

SEND International's Rob Pocklington says the quakes struck
in an area fairly removed from their ministry center. However, "we have people, church-planting missionaries and others who are very strongly linked to the national
evangelical churches in Japan. Anything at all that we do would be through
those who are involved in both missionary work and in the national

The Japan Evangelical Missionary Association is not directly
involved in relief. However, a JEMA endorsed ministry called CRASH enlists
volunteers to serve in the stricken area. The JEMA team  has sent an offer to the missionaries in that
area for emergency help. Financially JEMA usually funnels its
relief funds through the national Church organization JEA which is in
touch with the needs of the churches

Pocklington says their team is reminded of similar
conditions in 1995, when the Kobe
earthquake struck. "Not only was it a physical shaking in Japan, but it
also shook up the lives of many people. Therefore, our prayer is that God would
use this time to speak into the lives of many in Japan who need to know the

Please pray for the JEMA Churches of Japan that God
will use them in these days to bring the Gospel to many who need to hear and
believe. These churches will be helping
in some ways to alleviate suffering and to minister in other ways to the
victims of this disaster. Click here for
more details.


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