Deaf Bible Society launches Deaf Bible 3.0

By February 15, 2019

International (MNN) — Technology like smartphones and mobile apps allow Deaf people to connect with God’s Word like never before. Now, that access goes even farther.

Scott DeLoach is the Director of Technology at Deaf Bible Society. Through an interpreter, he says a new update to their Deaf Bible app provides access to the newest sign language Bible translations.

“The current app is about four years old right now, so it doesn’t have all the current videos on there and uploaded,” DeLoach explains.

“We decided that it was not only time to kind of update the app, but also to update the website…so the website and the mobile app can kind of ‘coincide’ with the videos that are uploaded.”

To download Deaf Bible 3.0, visit Deaf Bible Society’s website on your mobile device.

(Photo courtesy Deaf Bible Society)

This latest update also makes the Deaf Bible app easier to use.

“Say someone’s watching the Bible story within the app and they pause [it],” DeLoach describes as an example. “They can then transfer [the video] to the website but continue where they actually left off, instead of starting from the beginning.”

Deaf people around the world can see God’s Word in their heart sign language on the Deaf Bible app. Usually, Deaf use the app for personal Bible study or in group teaching sessions. They can still use the Deaf Bible app that way, DeLoach says, “but the content that we now have within the app is a lot different than the previous one.”

Along with Bible translations in 28 sign languages, the app now includes The JESUS Film in 12 sign languages. Click here to watch.

Pray Deaf Bible 3.0 will help more Deaf people know, have, and share God’s Word.


Header and story images courtesy of Deaf Bible Society.

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