Death toll rises in China, Christians assisting the needy

By April 26, 2010

China (MNN) — A major earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale devastated China's Yushu County in the Qinghai Province on April 14. Thousands are homeless. The region is reeling from the devastation. WorldServe Ministries relief efforts are in high gear.

Brian Rushton with WorldServe Ministries says the death toll from the quake has been revised. "They first thought it was going to be around 2,000, and now it's up to 4000 who are dead."

Many are still missing as 90-percent of the buildings in this predominately-Tibetan region were destroyed. Rushton says, "We had 20 house churches in the area, and they were all demolished. Luckily, none of the people who were in those houses were killed."

While the church buildings have been destroyed, Rushton says the church itself is doing great work. "The Christian community has come together, and even people who didn't know that others were Christians. This is all coming to light now as they work together and care for one another. So, the love of Christ has been shown incredibly right now."

WorldServe comes alongside the church in China to help with the earthquake victims. They have experience because they assisted in the Sichuan earthquake last year. Rushton is hoping for a great move of God. "In one year, we saw 15,000 people come to Jesus Christ. So, we anticipate that same thing."

He says when Christians help in difficult circumstances, many times God opens huge doors for outreach. "It's when you're really down and out that you're most open to change," Rushton adds.

WorldServe is delivering emergency relief supplies to the region, and you can help. He says, "About $9,000 gets another full truckload of supplies right to the earthquake area."

The need is great. "We could easily send another 10 truckloads without any trouble at all," says Rushton. And your financial support can help them do that. The funding will empower the local church to do even more to meet physical and spiritual needs.

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