Delhi slum fire consumes hundreds of homes

By May 2, 2014

BGR_slum fire 05-02-14Delhi (BGR) — On April 25, a fire broke out in Delhi, India, burning roughly 650 cardboard and tin homes in a slum. New Generation Trust (NGT), a nonprofit organization operating a school in the area, is responding with clothing, bedding, kitchen items, and toiletries to distribute among the people affected. It is using monetary donations to purchase food, as well.

Baptist Global Response partners with NGT has also dedicated $18,100 toward disaster relief in the area. The fire not only destroyed homes, but it also consumed possessions, and NGT personnel estimate that it affected approximately 900 families, or 4,500 people. They also don’t know how many casualties occurred during the disaster, but at least a few children went missing.

Most of the affected people are refugees from the borders of West Bengal and Bangladesh and make their living as rag-pickers: collecting items such as cardboard, plastic, and metal to resell and recycle. Therefore, they also lost their immediate means of income along with their homes.

However, miraculously, just as the flames reached the outer wall of the NGT school, a sudden strong gust of wind forced the fire back and away from the building.

NGT personnel say the government has provided survivors with tents, food, water, and medicine, but eventually these people will need much more assistance. A church associated with the organization has already sent volunteers to deliver donations to refugees.

They will continue to work in the community, helping it to recover.

You can help volunteers and BGR partners care for disaster survivors by giving to the BGR Disaster Response Fund. Click here to make your donation.

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