Demand for Children’s Bibles grows steadily in Vietnam

By September 17, 2010

Vietnam (ODM/MNN) — Vietnam closed its doors to open
missionary work in 1975.

According to Operation World, seeing the role of
Christianity in the demise of Communism elsewhere, the regime in Vietnam has
attempted to either control or wipe out believers.

Despite the persecution, there is also a noted openness to
the Gospel, especially among the mountain tribal peoples of central and
southern Vietnam.

Christian literature is in high demand, especially copies of
the Bible. Open Doors is meeting that
need–especially for the youngest generation–with their illustrated Children's Bible. 

Many children walk for miles to get to a weekly Sunday
school lesson which is the only opportunity they have to access the Bible.

Since the publication of the Open Doors special illustrated
Children's Bible in 2006, their teams have been working tirelessly to change

Sister Linh, a Christian mother, also tells us how much the
Open Doors Children's Bible is valued. Linh's 8-year-old daughter, Cara, has
read her copy from cover to cover four times.

It's not only believers who want a copy of Open Doors'
illustrated Children's Bible. A pastor whose wife teaches in a government
school shares, "During the break time, the children would continue to read the
Bibles that my wife had taken in. One time, the head teacher took one and read
it," he says. "There were also non-Christian parents that approached the school
wanting to buy some copies! My wife told them that the Bibles are not for
sale–they are gifts!"

Pray for the provision of more literature for evangelism,
follow-up and teaching. Pray, too, that
Vietnam may fully open to missionaries, and that many committed and prepared
workers may respond.

Your support for Open Doors Bible delivery projects will
enable co-workers to provide more copies of the Scriptures and Children's
Bibles, helping to meet the huge demand that is reported all over Vietnam.

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