Dense populations make victim numbers rise quickly

By September 7, 2007

India (MNN) — Christian Reformed World Relief Committee is rushing food aid to India's Bihar district.

Flooding has affected 15 million people. "Numbers get big very quickly in India"
because of the dense population, Jakob Kramer of CRWRC explained.

While flooding is not uncommon, Kramer says these floods have been unusually severe. "It has been very, very, very severe. I have to go back five years in the Orissah floods that we had water to the extent we had in Bihar this time," Kramer said.

The $300,000 fund was accepted on August 31, and the aid could be in Bihar as early as September 10. There are 50,000 families receiving the aid; 80 percent of them Dalit-poor.  The food supply will help many families avoid selling possessions or borrowing money in order to keep food on the table. "It is a package of food, wheat, rice, and cooking oil which people get delivered in a one month ration. It's for survival. After that, we will look at what broader effort will be needed to help these people."

Distribution of the rations will be done by CRWRC's long-standing partner, EFICOR.

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