Despair plagues DRC as elections, U.N. withdrawal approach

By October 20, 2023

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) — The United Nations could scale back food aid beginning this month in the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to funding shortfalls. Over 25 million people face emergency levels of food insecurity in the DRC, making it one of the world’s largest food crises.

General elections will be held in December, but a recent crackdown on protestors raised concerns about the upcoming vote.

Church leaders find Gospel opportunities amid the fear and uncertainty, but daily life remains difficult. One pastor tells World Missionary Press:

“Although there’s a glimmer of hope, members of our churches who fled the fighting are still in makeshift camps. Our missionaries are not yet able to move easily. Please join us in prayer for the return of a lasting peace.”

Last year, a nationwide evangelical alliance in the DRC asked WMP to send them outreach material. “They have 53 different communities of denominations and five million-plus believers in their groups,” WMP’s Helen Williams says.

“They’re going into the streets, door to door; they are reaching these people.”

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Scripture booklet distribution in DR Congo.
(Photo courtesy of WMP)

“One of their pastors wrote, ‘The requests for literature are coming in from all over. New converts are asking for literature, and we don’t have the resources,’” Williams says.

You might end up helping someone like Gilbert meet Jesus. Read Gilbert’s story here.

“He was addicted to drugs and said, ‘I could have died as a result of drunkenness.’” Williams says.

“‘I was given literature from World Missionary Press and told that God still loves me. From that moment on, I began to distance myself from evil. I am now in Jesus.’”




The growing radicalization of Muslim populations has affected the Central African Republic (CAR), Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda, where little persecution or terrorism previously existed. Pray for front-line workers in these areas as they teach foundational truths needed to combat radical Islam. (Photo, caption courtesy of VOM USA)

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