Despite chaos in Haiti, youth conference a success

By April 20, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Despite the chaos in Haiti, 240 young people attended a recent
youth conference, sponsored by AMG International.  

Pastor Rodne Romeus runs the program from Grand Bassin. The theme this year was 'Young People, Serve the Lord.' 25 people came from
Port-au-Prince. Three pastors came from the Christian University of
Haiti, located in Limbe. There was also another pastor plus AMG's medical doctor, our nurse, and a lawyer.

Worship and teaching each night was followed by prayer meeting at 4:30
every morning. Teachers lead studies on health, Biblical studies, social
behavior, marriage, and law. The other members of the church came and joined the
young people in prayer.

It was really an equipping moment to prepare the young people to take
care of their future while they are serving the Lord.

Writes Pastor Rodne, "We would
like to say thank you to God, to AMG international, to Signal Mountain Bible
Church, and to the Gartman family, who organized a 5K run to raise support for

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