Despite spiritual warfare, ministries’ faith remains steadfast

By December 28, 2012

USA (MNN) — Imagine your bus breaking down and an entire computer system going haywire before a major conference. Would you think it's a sign?

Despite challenges, ministries aren't losing hope for Urbana 12. Click here to see our latest Urbana updates on Facebook.

"I'm excited about seeing God at work. Of course, we'd love to tons of people join Pioneers; we can use a lot more workers on the field. Also, we want to help people find where God wants them," says Pioneers USA missionary L.D. Waterman.

Waterman and his wife have led church-planting teams in Indonesia for nearly two decades.

"There are 130 unreached groups in Indonesia, mostly Muslim groups," L.D. explains. "Our teams are doing church-planting in a variety of ways among those groups."

While the Waterman's need more people to join their team, their prayers are focused on Urbana this week.

"People could be praying that God would really speak to each heart," says Mrs. Waterman.

"Pray for people to really grow in their ability to love God and love others, and live in a way that really honors Him."

Along with meeting future missionaries, L.D. is leading a seminar.

"I'll be talking about church-planting movements: ways that God is doing amazing things around the world," he says. He plans to share examples of God's work around the world and church-planting methods that seem natural, but actually end up hindering the spread of the Gospel.

L.D. says students can get involved in their work through outreach or prayer. Click here for a list of short-term opportunities.

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