Despite Sudan’s human rights abuses, believers continue to use Audio Scripture to minister.

By March 1, 2005

Sudan (MNN)–The U-S State Department names China, Egypt and Sudan among the top human rights abusers in the world.

The report cited Sudan for the killing of civilians by government-backed militia in the country’s troubled Darfur province.

A long-standing history of government persecution of Christians, who live mainly in the south. While a warm welcome greeted a new peace deal, there are some who fear it won’t hold after generations of war.

The power-sharing deal stipulates that the government will have 55-percent of the positions in the disputed regions and the rebels 45-percent. Watchers hope that will be enough ‘glue’ for the accord to hold.

But, the picture isn’t all gloom, especially for one ministry. While the fighting raged, Audio Scripture Ministries made plans to provide the country with Scripture. Because literacy rates are low, the message comes in audio.

That means someone must record it before it can be distributed. ASM’s Tom Dudenhofer says part of the Old Testament was recorded into one Sudanese language. The awe-inspiring events described in the Bible spurred another ministry project. “One of the interesting results of the Scripture recording of the book of Genesis, was that some of the local believers began to write some music about the recording of creation, and they wrote songs about God and His creation.”

Dudenhofer says the fighting throughout Sudan has had little direct effect on the project. However, the delay they did face was one that ultimately strengthened their mission. “The rest of the recording had to be delayed somewhat because many of the team members go home when the rivers dry up enough so that they can get to their homes. National believers who are involved in these projects need to get back and touch base with their own people before they can continue to finish the projects.”

ASM works with Bible translators, missionaries, and others who recognize the need for Scriptures in audio format. They also assist projects such as leadership training, evangelism, and Bible literacy.

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