Devastation remains after 2008 hurricane; CRWRC brings hope

By December 4, 2009

USA (MNN) —  The third most destructive hurricane to hit the United States in its entire history struck Galveston, Texas two years ago. Very soon, however, the public eye turned away. Amid the bustle of a presidential campaign and a large economic recession, most people who were not affected by the September 2008 storm simply forgot about it.  

Unfortunately, the devastation Hurricane Ike created remains. Over 16,000 houses were severely damaged in the storm–5,000 of them owned by families below the poverty line. Financial disaster response was significantly lower to Hurricane Ike than to Hurricane Katrina (which hit the US August 29, 2005), leaving many without the proper insurance or funding to repair their homes. Consequently, many families have moved back into their homes without repairing them, now living in potentially dangerous situations due to a natural disaster they could not avoid.

Although most of the U.S. has forgotten about this catastrophe, the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee is still working to help the survivors of the storm. CRWRC now plans to open a two-year construction site in Galveston. Once open, trained teams will be sent down to help repair and rebuild homes for victims who cannot afford to take care of such large building projects on their own.

Such practical but needed help given when the rest of the world has seemingly turned its back will certainly raise questions. CRWRC will have the chance to speak of the hope of Christ as the reason behind their service and love. Pray that Christ would shine brightly through the team members that head down to provide life-changing care for victims of this storm.

Bill Adam's, CRWRC's Director of Disaster Response, says that $250,000 likely will be needed to cover the expenses of the construction site. If you or your church would like to help CRWRC in their efforts, click here. In the meantime, keep praying that the victims of Hurricane Ike would place their hope in Christ and rely on Him for all of their needs through this still difficult time.

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